I am Julie Hunt Danehy, mother of two beautiful young girls. Three years ago I began writing the program Food-4-Starters, which won a grant from the Junior League of Austin, enabling me to begin teaching my classes at Highland Park Elementary School.

The mission of Food-4-Starters is to create awareness and teach our kids about making better choices in how they “fuel” their body on a daily basis and how these choices affect their health, emotions and feelings.

My classes are 100% plant based, emphasizing seasonal, organic, locally grown foods. My program uses no refined products, sugars etc…and is gluten-free.

Growing up in Dallas, TX , I began my food career early, my first work experience was in restaurants and catering. After graduating from college I worked in a variety of restaurants, from small specialty bakeries to managing a high volume “lobster shack” in Five Islands, Maine.

In 1992 I found my passion when I began working as a private chef for a family that requested fresh, organic, wholesome foods. From that point forward I began to focus on the importance and beneficial affects that food has for one’s body and soul. My interest in local foods and natural remedies took me traveling to S.E.Asia, India and Nepal.

My studies include Biochemistry for Nutrition, and most recently, I graduated as a Natural Food Chef from the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts. This intense program focused on the fundamentals of macrobiotic philosophy and the energetics of food in our bodies. I have enhanced my education by regularly attending seminars, classes and working as a food coach for Engine 2.

I am passionate about how the foods we eat affect our energy, health and well-being. I consider it a blessing to be able to share this knowledge with our children with hopes of educating and inspiring others to harness the power of fresh, organic foods to strengthen and nourish body, soul, and spirit.

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Eat local***Eat organic*** Eat what’s in season*** Eat a variety of whole plant foods

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  1. Very cool, Julie! I am looking forward to seeing your posts. I have told a lot of friends about your program. You are awesome!!! ~XOXO~ Kennedy

  2. This is great Julie! Thank you for all your commitment to teaching the kids about healthy foods! I wish I could have helped out with the HP garden today, but am busy preparing two presentations for next week. I hope there will be other opportunities to help out in the future!

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